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Rowland Hayward (Silver Fox Wines)

I met Mark, who introduced me to Act! His initial explanation of how the program worked seemed to give an answer to my problems. I would be able to input my customer database and keep a records of all of my future customer interactions.

I had been sending a monthly newsletter to customers using Mailchimp. Whilst easy to use I did find it a bit limiting, especially when it came to inputting and editing certain templates. Act! has allowed me greater freedom when inputting these same templates because I now have total control of how these templates read. This makes them much more readable and personal to my customers.

I know I still have a lot to learn in regard to the full functionality of the program but with Mark's help I know my Company will start to show a more professional approach during the coming years.

Mark has twice travelled to my home giving me instruction as well as carrying out remote sessions when I have had any queries.

I have no hesitation in recommending both Mark and the program to any business.