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Many businesses are told that to get more business they just need to install a CRM system and magically sales will happen as they will be able to improve their customer communication and send out emails promoting their products. Sales Dynamics believe that CRM is actually a philosophy not a technology and to focus on the philosophy and then integrate the right technology. The software is only 20% of the solution. Policy and Procedures 30% and people 50%. Sales Dynamics bring all of these together resulting in increased business efficiency and increased profits. There is always a starting point – where are you now and where do you want to be? The Sales Dynamics process will help you answer these questions and then join you on your journey.

Find the Problem

When you talk about CRM (Customer Relationship Management) many people think about plugging in a bit of software (eg ACT, SalesForce or Infusionsoft) and then importing data - Name; Address; Tel No; Email Address; and maybe a bit of sales history. Somewhere, maybe on another system, there will be some accounting information. In actual fact a CRM system isn't just about sales. It's also project management and service delivery. Sales Dynamics specialise in bringing all of your data into one user friendly centralised place.

Data is the lifeblood of any organisation - no matter how big or small. If you know how often your customers are contacted, what the conversations are about and who they were with you can then start to measure results. We are not just talking about increased sales. We are talking about performance: individual and business. If one of your sales people is making the follow up calls and yet not improving sales you know you need to act upon this information. It might be a training issue or it might be misreporting or even the wrong product. Also companies spend fortunes in gaining new customers and forget about the ones they already have. Sales Dynamics help to implement processes backed up by the CRM system to make sure that your present customer base is not neglected. It's easier to sell new products and services to customers that already know, like and trust you.

If you know the problem you can find the solution...

Find the Solution

A fresh set of eyes on your business will inevitably find problems in your business and process management. Sales Dynamics has over 35 years' experience in running businesses hands on and are therefore in a position to role our sleeves up and get stuck in. Our knowledge is gained by hands on experience rather than text book knowledge. We have worked in services, delivery, sales, sales management, general management experience and directorships.

The right software system has been specified and installed. So who is going to use it?

Identify a key person to collate all the information or have you considered integrating it fully into your business? Have all members of staff access to information to help them do their job better. Sales Dynamics train your staff to use the system and also to understand its relevance to them and your business.

So What Do You Want to Know?

Your CRM system will generate reports so you have real time information to make your crucial business decisions.

  • What does your sales pipeline look like?
  • Are your sales team meeting their targets?
  • Are all the follow ups being done?
  • Has that appointment been made for their next service?

When you know what is happening in your business you can manage your growth and expansion and Sales Dynamics are here to make this work for your organisation as we have done for many others.

Unless you and your team are talking to people, there is no activity and without activity there cannot be any sales.